Private Health & Meditation Consultation with Ieva Yog

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Private Health & Meditation Consultation with Ieva Yog



1 hour duration per book

Step into a world of relaxation, mindfulness, and revitalized health with our exclusive offering, a Private Health & Meditation Consultation with Ieva Yog. This immersive, one-hour session is meticulously designed to nourish both your body and mind by instilling lifelong wellness habits and meditation techniques.

During this intimate one-on-one session, Ieva Yog, a renowned health and meditation expert, will provide you with personalized guidance around leading a healthier, happier life. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience, Ieva will share invaluable insights into nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep habits, and other critical aspects of health.

The latter half of the session will be dedicated to the art of meditation. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or have previous experience, Ieva will guide you through innovative meditation techniques designed to enhance your mental clarity, emotional stability, and overall wellbeing. You’ll learn how to establish a regular meditation practice, overcome common challenges faced during meditation, and apply mindfulness principles to everyday life.

Beyond the session, you’ll have actionable strategies and tips to incorporate these lessons into your daily routine. This transformative consultation is more than just a conversation—it’s a pathway to a holistically healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


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